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The Next Big Heavy Metal Band Are Going to Launch Their First Album in Vegas

On the homepage we mentioned four fantastic bands that are doing their best to ensure that the traditional style of heavy metal music stays well and truly alive. However, thankfully, these are not the only heavy metal bands that are doing their bit for traditional heavy metal - they are just some of the more well-known ones. Luckily there are many up and coming traditional heavy metal lovers that are joining the fight against those who are trying to split it into many different sub-genres.


Prestigious Heavy Metal Competition in California

Each year there is a traditional heavy metal festival called Frost and Fire that is held in California and it is open to traditional heavy metal bands from all over the world. Heavy metal bands get the chance to perform in front of thousands of heavy metal music lovers as well as some of the best record producers in the music industry. There is a fee to perform at this competition, but it is a small price to pay for the potential to gain international fame.

Therefore, the pressure is on for each band to bring their A game and we are pleased to say that this is exactly what the majority of performers bring. If you love your heavy metal music and happen to be in California when this festival is taking place, we highly recommend that you purchase a ticket and head along to it – you will have the time of your life. Actually, scratch that, you should buy a ticket and make sure that you are in California when the festival is on.

Performing at Las Vegas

At the 2019 festival, there were plenty of amazing bands performing, but the one that stood out from the crowd was a band that goes by the name of The Knights’ Watch – yeah, we think they happen to be very big Game of Throne fans as well. It is fair to say that this is a band that stood head and shoulders above the rest.

In fact, they were so good that there were three or four record companies that wanted to sign them up, including one which is owned by Simon Cowell. If a record executive such as Simon Cowell likes you, then you know that you have plenty of talent. After much deliberation, they decided to sign up with another music producer and for the last 9 months or so they have been working extremely hard to produce their first heavy metal album.

After all of their hard work, they recently revealed on their social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) that they would be launching and performing songs from their very first album at Caesars Palace in October 2020.


No Exact Date Yet

At this current moment in time, there is no exact date yet as to when they will be performing. However, they have said that they will know the exact date by the end of June, so if you are interested in heading to Las Vegas to see The Knight’ ‘Watch perform live, then keep a close eye on their social media pages. If you are a heavy metal lover, this is something that you definitely do not want to miss out on. These boys are going to be big!

Do a Bit of Gambling After

The launch of their new album is only going to take up one evening, so we are certain that you will have quite a bit of spare time on your hands before you head on home. Therefore, you should do what everyone does when they have a bit of spare time while in Vegas and that is do a bit of gambling. You never know, not only will you get to see the launch of the next big heavy metal bands, but you might also get lucky at the casino and end up walking away with more money than you arrived in Vegas with – there are many people out there who cannot say the same thing.