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If You Enjoy Traditional Heavy Metal You Need to Follow the New Band Known as Thunder and Lightning

While the Frost and Fire festival is one of the most prestigious heavy metal festivals in the world, it is not the only one that is held each year in the United States. Each year, around the beginning of June, the Heavy Metal Festival (they must have taken ages to come up with such a unique name) is held in Central Park in New York.


Equal Opportunities

If you have read our page where we talk about the Frost and Fire festival in California and The Knight’s Watch, then you will know that those who play at this festival get the chance to perform in front of thousands of heavy metal fans, which is a dream in itself for any aspiring music band. However, as well as this, there are plenty of record producers at this festival, meaning that those who stand out from the crowd because of their amazing talent have a very good chance of being signed up and making it big in the heavy metal industry – just check out what The Knights’ watch have been up to lately.

The Heavy Metal Festival in New York is all for equal opportunities, so those who perform at this contest and show that they have considerable talent also have the chance of being noticed and signed up by a big record producer. Believe it or not, but you will often see the likes of Simon Cowell at such events. Although he is not a huge heavy metal fan, he is not the type of person who will pass on the opportunity to sign up talent when he sees it. After all, if he makes the right decision, there is a lot of money for him to make.

At the 2019 Heavy Metal Festival there were plenty of great bands on show and everyone in attendance was treated to some fantastic music. However, there was one band that drew the attention of the crowd (and the music producers) more than any other that performed and that was a band that goes by the name of Thunder and Lightning. In fact, they were so good that they had offers on the table from no fewer than five different music producers.

Performing in Reno, Nevada

After a lot of deliberation, they chose their record company and for the last year or so they have been working very hard each day in order to create their debut heavy metal album. They recently proudly revealed on their social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) that they will be performing in Reno, Nevada, towards the end of 2020. However, they will not only be performing, they will also be launching their debut album.


At the moment though, they do not have the exact date that they will be performing, nor do they know the venue that they will be playing at. However, they have recently said that they will almost certainly know all of this information come the beginning of July. Therefore, if you are interested in visiting Reno to watch Thunder and Lightning perform live, keep an eye on their regular social media updates. If you love your heavy metal, then this is a show that you almost certainly do not want to be missing out on.

Partake in Some Gambling After

Their album launch is going to take one evening, so we are sure that you will have some spare time to kill before you set off back to wherever you come from. Therefore, we highly recommend that you partake in a bit of gambling - we bet you did not know that Reno used to that Reno used to be one of the most popular places for people to gamble before Las Vegas arrived on the scene. There are plenty of casinos that you can keep yourself entertained at in Reno and, if Lady Luck is your friend, you might find yourself heading home with a huge smile upon your face.